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Iron Ore Crushing equipment - Impact Crusher

 In Kenya, the distribution of iron ore resources is very extensive, for some large-scale iron ore mine mining project, the first is the completion of the process, followed by mineral sorting, sorting and other processes.

Iron ore processing production process include: crushing, grinding, ore dressing three processes. Crushing process of the three sections of the most modern crushing for high hardness iron ore broken, to complete the ore crushing and partial dissociation work, thereby improving the subsequent grinding efficiency, grinding process, the two-stage closed grinding is efficient grinding Mine technology can be more iron ore grinding. In the recent years, the success of the new process has a representative of: "stage grinding ﹑ weak magnetic separation - reverse flotation process", "full magnetic separation process", "ultra-fine - wet magnetic cast Tail process ". Large iron ore mining projects, adding a Taiwan -2 counterattack crusher auxiliary production can be.
Anwarali & Brothers Ltd. and Athi River Mining Ltd. (ARM) exploit a small amount of iron ore and are used in the production of cement. The production of crude steel stopped in 1998. Kenya has four rolling mills, combined capacity of a total of 220,000 tons per year, iron ore crushing equipment demand.
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