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Trapezium Mill Structure And Parts

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Structure decides the working principle and working efficiency of a machine. Trapezium mill mainly includes Raymond mill, MTM trapezium mill, MTW continental trapezium mill and so on. At present, trapezium mills have been widely used in electric power, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, iron and steel, building materials, coal and other industries. If we know its structure and parts, when it has some problems, we can solve it well. the following is the detail information of trapezium mill.

Trapezium Mill Structure

The structure of trapezium mill is made up of the transmission part, the host portion, the powder selecting machine£¬the powder collector part, the elevator part, the fan and so on. The structure with mutual cooperation, jointly complete the grinding work of trapezium mill. The host portion contains grinding roller, grinding ring, grinding roller hanger, main shaft, shovel parts, hinged support, bearing support and so on.

Trapezium Mill Parts

Trapezium mill mainly includes grinding roller, grinding ring, grinding roller hanger, center shaft, shovel blade, plumbing installation, Powder selecting machine, dust collector, and so on.

The grinding roller assembly is connected to the plum blossom frame through the cross arm shaft. The cross arm shaft is sleeved with a rubber wear sleeve, with fixed shock absorber.

The medial wall of base is the taper with large upper and small lower. The lateral wall of grinding ring is the conical type to match with it. Therefore the grinding ring can be placed in the frame, and through the sheeting to fix. The inner wall of the ring is cylindrical.

The shove blade¡¯s material is carbon steel. It rotates with the roller at the same time. The shove blade throws the materials into the space between grinding roller and grinding ring. Under the action of the shove blade, the materials are grinded.

The structure and parts are important in the production processing. In peacetime, the staff should pay attention to the maintenance of trapezium mill. Protect the structure and part. This refer to the service life and working efficiency of trapezium mill.

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