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Coal Crusher Price In Kenya

1 (59).jpgCoal is very important energy resource and also very important raw material for metallurgy and chemical industries. Coal plays very important role in various industries such as metallurgy, machinery, textile, food, transportation and so on, so some people even say that coal is ¡®the real food¡¯ for industries. It is well known that Kenya has rich mineral resources, such as bauxite, mica, coal, iron ore, limestone, copper and zinc and so on. The yield of coal in Kenya ranks the fourth place in the whole world. By the end of 1996, according to estimation, the recoverable reserves of coal in Kenya are about 463.89 million tons (not including charred coal).

Now, the main problem in coal processing is how to develop the coal resources reasonably and efficiently as well as turn coal into clean fuel.

For coal crushers in Kenya, SBM can provide different types of crushers, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and mobile crusher etc. Each type has several models. These crushers are all efficient and environmentally friendly. Our engineer will recommend suitable model according to the capacity, the final product size and so on. As for the price, different models have different prices. After choosing suitable machine for the customers, the sales manager will quote the price.

Here let¡¯s see the features of these crushers. Jaw crusher features simple structure, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, low operating cost and evenly-shaped final products. Impact crusher is a kind of very prospecting crushing equipment with space saving size, simple structure, high crushing ratio, cubical final products and so on. Cone crusher is used for secondary or fine crushing for various materials. This crusher is high crushing ratio and high efficient, but the energy consumption is low.

As a top manufacturer in China, we never stop optimizing the machine and trying our best to service the customers better. To our proud, we have many clients in Kenya, and we have branch in Mumbai, Kenya.

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