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YKN Series Vibrating Screen

YKN vibrating screen is my company developed new products in 20 years of experience. It is widely used in metal mines, engineering construction, coal, cement, sand and stone field, dry mortar, power plant desulfurization, solid waste treatment and other fields. It is suitable for screening ore with large block size and large bulk density, such as ferrous metal ore, non-ferrous metal ore, cobber, limestone, dolomite, granite, diabase, basalt. Its max feeding size is below 400mm, and production capacity is 100~850T/H.

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Types Of YKN Series Vibrating Screen

There are mainly three types of Zenith YKN vibrating screen. They are divided by the different numbers of layers of screens or meshes. The first type has 2 layers and can separate the raw materials into 3 different sizes. The second one has 3 layers and can separate the raw materials into 4 different sizes. The last type has 4 layers and can separate the raw materials into 5 different sizes. Among these types, the output screened size can reach 6mm.

Feature and Advantages

  1. The exciter adopt outer eccentric block, the weight is light and the exciting force is strong;
  2. Operators can easily adjust the amplitude and exciting force by changing the eccentric blocks quantity;
  3. The vibration exciter is fixed on the side-bar of screen box and two exciters are connected by universal coupling, it is very easy to install and maintain;
  4. The transmission adopts flexible connector ensures the stable performance.

Main Specification

Model Screen Size(mm) Layers Mesh Size(mm) Feeding Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power (kw) D-Amplitude(mm) Angle(°)
2YKN2160 2100×6000 2 6~150 400 100~600 30 7~11 20
3YKN2160 2100×6000 3 6~150 400 100~600 37 7~11 20
4YKN2160 2100×6000 4 6~150 400 100~600 45 7~11 20
2YKN2460 2400×6000 2 6~150 400 150~850 30 7~11 20
3YKN2460 2400×6000 3 6~150 400 150~850 37 7~11 20
4YKN2460 2400×6000 4 6~150 400 150~850 45 7~11 20