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SF Series Flotation Cell

SF series flotation cell is designed on the basis of years' research and experience. It is high efficient but low energy consumption. With these advantages and reasonable price, it is widely used and well accepted by customers from all over the world. As a professional manufacturer, Zenith SF Series Flotation Cell can meet various requirements of the customers.

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Working Principle

The impeller is driven by V-belts, which can bring the centrifugal effect to form the negative pressure. On the one hand, to inhale sufficient air to mix with ore pulp; On the other hand to stir ore pulp and mix with medication to form the mineralized froth. To adjust the height of flashboard to control the liquid level and make the useful froth scraped by loam board.

At the same time ,the separating ring spinning slowly:

  1. When the separation chamber into the floating field area, the selected materials by ore pulp distributor respectively to the 6 separation point, weakly magnetic mineral particles are sucked in the tooth plate and with the separation ring. Non magnetic particles in slurry flow through the gap tooth plate under the action of gravity, the tailings discharged into the ring groove in the lower part of the separating ring.
  2. When the separation chamber to middling cleaning position, a small amount of clean water to the income, the inclusion gangue, intergrowth and mud washed into the tailing tank, in order to improve the concentrate quality objective.
  3. When the separation chamber to the field of weak position,which is also the flushing area in the concentrate,there is some injection pressure of water, will suck in the tooth plate on the weakly magnetic mineral particles into the concentrate slot.

Main Specification

Model Effective Volume (m³) Size of Tank (L x W x H) (mm) Diameter of Impeller (mm) Impeller Speed (r/min) Capaity (m³/min) Motor Capacity (kw) Air flow sucked (m³/㎡ min) Weight of single tank (kg)
SF-0.15 0.15 500x500x600 200 536 0.06-0.18 1.5/0.55 0.8-1 269
SF-0.37 0.37 700x700x750 296 386 0.2-0.4 1.5/0.05 0.8-1 468
SF-0.7 0.7 820x900x950 350 400 0.3-0.9 3/1.1 0.8-1 805
SF-1.2 1.2 1100x1100x1100 450 312 0.6-1.2 5.5/1.1 1-1.2 1373
SF-2.8 2.8 1700x1600x1150 550 268 1.5-3.5 11/1.5 1-1.2 2138
SF-4 4 1850x2050x1200 650 220 2-4 15/1.5 1-1.2 2582
SF-8 8 2200x2900x1400 760 191 4-8 30/1.5 0.9-1 4129
SF-10 10 2200x2900x1700 760 191 5-10 30/1.5 0.9-1 4486
SF-16 16 2850x3800x1700 760 191 5-16 30x2/1.5 0.9-1 8320
SF-20 20 2850x3800x2000 760 191 5-20 30x2/1.5 0.9-1 9828