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BWZ Series Heavy Duty Apron Feeder

Heavy Duty Apron Feeder is auxiliary equipment for mining and transportation usually used in large scale beneficiation plant, cement plant, construction and so on. Zenith BWZ Series Heavy Duty Apron Feeder is developed on the basis of the feedback of the customer and experience of the experts.

This feeder can evenly and continuously feed the raw materials into primary crusher, especially suitable for short-distance transportation and complex environment.

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Main Structure

BWZ heavy duty apron feeder mainly consists of driving device, the spindle device, belt device, supporting device, tension device, frame, hopper, and so on. Among them, the driving device comprises motor, reducer, coupling, torque rod. The main shaft device is composed of driving shaft, drive sprocket, bearing seat etc. Chain device is composed of traction chain track, trough board etc. Supporting device is composed of a plurality of rows of rollers. Tensioning device is composed of tail shaft, changing direction wheel, sliding bearing seat, pull rod, composite spring etc.

Common Used Apron Feeder In Mining Field

Generally, there are three types of apron feeder, heavy duty apron feeder, medium duty apron feeder and light duty apron feeder, among which the common used ones in beneficiation plant are heavy duty apron feeder and medium duty apron feeder. The heavy duty apron feeder can bear the impact of dozens of tons of rock pulling down from the truck. The max feeding size can reach over 1000 mm. The max feeding size of medium duty apron feeder is no more than 350mm and the temperature of the raw materials should below 400℃.

Main Specification

BWZ Series Heavy Duty Apron Feeder
MODEL Width(mm) Wheel Base(mm) Max. Feed Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kW)
BWZ1250×6 1250 6000 650 150 15
BWZ1400×8 1400 8000 750 250 18.5
BWZ1600×9 1600 9000 900 350 30
BWZ1800×9 1800 9000 1050 500 37
BWZ2000×10 2000 10000 1100 680 45
BWZ2200×10 2200 10000 1250 800 55
BWZ2400×12 2400 12000 1600 1000 2×55
BWH Series Medium Duty Apron Feeder
MODEL Width(mm) Wheel Base(mm) Max. Feed Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kW)
BWH800×5 800 5000 400 100 7.5
BWH1000×6 1000 6000 450 130 7.5
BWH1200×6 1200 6000 500 180 15
BWH1400×8 1400 8000 550 280 22
BWH1600×8 1600 8000 600 400 30
BWH1800×8 1800 8000 700 600 37

BWZ Series Heavy Duty Apron Feeder Project Case: